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October 14, 2021

CiRN coin ICO complete and to start trading on UNISWAP V3. CiRN owns huge Uranium deposits in Quebec and huge Iron Deposits in Quebec for Energy Development


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 14, 2021 / -- CiRN coin ICO has completed and will begin trading, swapping on UNISWAP V3, in the coming hours. CiRN Absorbing Earths Energy to Power, absorbing Uranium natural dissipating energy over Uranium half life of 4.5 Billion years.

CiRN acquired 100% of three (3) huge historic Uranium deposits in Quebec, and seventeen (17) historic Uranium occurrences in Saskatchewan, as well as three (3) huge iron deposits in northern Quebec two (2) near tidewater and one (1) historic iron mine in southern Quebec that produced 265 million tonne iron ore.

CiRN looks to develop new technology to convert the naturally dissipating Uranium on earth's surface without disturbing the Uranium by mining or enriching, to develop technology to absorb the naturally dissipating Uranium by in-situ exploitation, CiRN absorbing earths energy to power, and Uranium natural dissipation occurs 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and for 4.5 Billion years. Several academic papers have reported conversion of radiation dissipated by Uranium to electricity utilizing several methods, but most importantly using nanomaterials like gold nanomaterial but implementing nanobot technology to not disrupt the in-situ resources.

The gold nanomaterial producing electricity from Uranium dissipation absorption was reported by Los Alamos scientists in 2008 and the paper is titled Nanomaterial turns radiation directly to electricity, , and a 2011 academic paper by Stanford University, titled Energy from radioactivity, , and a paper in 2011 by Cambridge titled Direct Energy Conversion From Gamma Ray to Electricity Using Silicon Semiconductor Cells, , have reported on Uranium dissipation to absorption to electricity, CiRN working to develop sustainable, non intrusive and non obtrusive technology to absorb the earths energy to power.

CiRN will also research then implement if successful, ionization of Uranium to electricity. Ionization of Uranium is breakthrough technology developed 1908 and known as the Geiger Counter, used to detect Uranium radiation and CiRN will look to implement that complicated but 1908 technology to transform the process from detection but the detection to electricity. CiRN also looking to implement the discoveries reported of energy from radioactivity, gamma ray energy to Si solar panels and gold nanomaterial radioativity absorption creating electricity.

CiRN also will work to supply iron for iron flow batteries, seek to supply iron for use in the new TESLA (Q-TSLA) Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries used in EV production currently in China.

CiRN absorbing earths energy to power, and in the near future, CiRN absorbing universes energy to power.

CiRN coin symbol is CiRN and CiRN contract address is

Want to work with us implementing nanobot technology you own, or are researching, or nanomaterial research or working nano material especially gold nano material, please reach out to us to change the world and power the world sustainably.

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